Why Ice Bath?

We've made it our mission to not only educate the world on the benefits of cold water therapy, but also to provide a premium & affordable worldwide solution for optimal health. That is why we have become the leading ice bath recovery tub manufacturer in Ireland.

Our Hand-Made Ice Baths

Designed & Crafted using only the most weather resistant, high quality & aesthetically polished materials. With the base of our ultra-durable, UV stabilised polythene plastic tub layered with a textured ground to prevent slipping, surrounded by our cladded & pressure treated tongue & groove timber, finished with a natural & classical aesthetic look. 

Ice Bath Guarantee

Ice Bath Guarantee

Our skilled craftsmanship, compassion & years of quality experience has been put into each & every one of our bespoke Ice Baths, meaning once you decide to take the plunge & join our Ice Cold Community, we can guarantee that you receive the highest quality cold water therapy experience available, andthat’s our ice cold guarantee.